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G-Strinx is an instrumental-vocal group made up of three girls who became famous for his virtuoso playing on amplified violin. Currently G-Strinx work and perform as Aneta Lednická, Daniela Štrbová and Lucia Klinovská. Temperament, exceptional, but especially multilateral  ambition of these young talents and also their ambition and ability to work hard for themselves, predispose them to  shine on the international music scene.

 Band G-Strinx entered the music scene in september 2004. From the first moment of the act thez have managed to attract interest in music-business, but not only in Slovakia.

Evidence of their popularity but also the quality is undoubtedly the fact that until now, they performed at more than 400 shows and concerts.

Apart from Slovakia, they performed for  the audience in the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Egypt, in Cairo or in Spain. In September 2007, they performed together with a fampus slovak band, ELAN,on stage in one of the most famous concert halls in the world - Carnegie Hall in New York, where the audience had the opportunity to experience not only the art of the violin, but also their singing qualities. in May 2008, together with ELAN, they were on tour on a big Czecho-Slovak tour through Czech and Slovak Republik.

 G-Strinx are the first of its kind in the world, offering their high-vallue show playing violin, dancing and singing simultaneously. All this was the reason, why G-Strinx, as one of the few Slovak artists, hve their first album recorded in one of the top Belgian studios /Global Studio, JET Studios Brussel/. Album - sang in English - was published by Pro Hart company in November 2008 under the name ANGELDUST.

Repertoire of G-Strinx therefore consists primarily of songs that were produced  together with the teams of Czech, Belgian, Dutch and British composers, lyricists and decorators, as well as classical music compositions prepared in the rock and pop style. G-Strinx performed them

with amplified violins and singing with choreography.

 In May 2009, they produced  their first video to the song ANGELDUST. It was shot in the castle at Dolní Lukavice (at Plzeň, Czech Republic) and near forests. For shooting, we used the legendary HD camera Panavision Genesis. This camera, was used also for the shooting of Singer's movie Superman and Mel Gibson's Apocalypto.

 Currently G-Strinx began to work on their new program full of music, dancing, singing and special effects. In this moment, they are preparing a new repertoire, this time in the Slovak and English language.

 We believe, that it is possible to agree on the opinion of number of personalities from the European music scene. Namely, that the G-Strinx is one of the Slovak projects, which has enormous potential to compete on the international music scene - and all this also thanks to the presentation of Slovak national musical elements used in the original repertoire of the group.

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