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Wellcome to the new website of the violin trio G-STRINX. Hardly to believe, but 6 years ago as the first in the world, this Slovak project offered unique kind of show as a mixture of singing, virtuoso violin performance and dance.


Exclusive costumes created by top fashion designers such as FERO MIKLOSKO, BORIS HANECKA, LUKAS KIMLICKA, EMA KLEIN and stylists such as KAROLINA VLCKOVA guarantee a rich feed for the eyes and own repertoire produced by recognized world producers (UK, BELGIUM,CZECH REPUBLIC, SLOVAKIA) from the album ANGELDUST together with the instrumental compositions give this project the right kind of unique glance, that you can experience at the live shows of this trio.



„We are happy to share our new experiences with you all.

New pictures, videos, news... all this and more you discover going through these pages.

Download our new fotosets  and let us know about you. Most of fit, you will find in the MULTIMEDIA section. So jump to it!“



14. December 2017Holiday Inn, Bratislava
25. November 2017Oliwa rezort, Trenčianske Teplice
24. November 2017Ateliér Babylon, Bratislava
16. November 2017Klub Harley, Bratislava
11. November 2017W5, Luxury casino Rebuy Stars, Košice
26. Oktober 2017Motokáry Max 60, Bratislava
25. Oktober 2017showroom Mercedes, Nové Zámky
21. Oktober 2017Rivers club, Bratislava
05. Oktober 2017Viedeň
28. September 2017hotel Holiday Inn, Trnava


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